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Whether at work or in our personal lives, there are those people whose presence we enjoy; there are those with whom we ‘jog along’… And then there are those others – those we might actively avoid. You know who I mean, don’t you!?

People seem to fall into three broad categories known as the ‘Radiators’, the ‘Rocks’, and the ‘Drains’.  These descriptors hint at the effect they have on us: either providing us with vitality; being passive and immovable; or depleting our energy reserves.

It is clear that we judge people in our lives (as they judge us) largely by their ‘attitude’.

Attitude is difficult to define, but we know immediately when we have been exposed to good or bad versions. A product of many subtle elements, someone’s attitude is transmitted through their behaviour, approach, mindset – and a ‘way’ about them.  Someone’s attitude makes a huge difference as to their impact on us in either the positive or the negative realms.  In fact, many say that in business, mistakes can be forgiven, but a bad attitude is the deal breaker.

Whatever personal gifts you have, traits you possess, skills you have honed – without the presence of a good, positive attitude, then these talents are severely diluted. Without that great attitude, others will see the negative implications of your traits and deny you their business, their contribution, or even their trust.  For example:

How easily can the trait of confidence be seen as arrogance?

Where is the line between a risk-taking stance and recklessness?

When does your focus and clarity become blinkered and dismissive?

What use is support and assistance if it is perceived as interference or distrust?

The difference is the attitude with which you conduct or manifest your talents and traits. This relies on understanding your impact on others – which will be different for different people – and it will make the difference between the relationship working or not.

Attitude is the stance or position you take: your approach to the situations that life presents. It is the gravitas or charisma you put out there; your ability to experience life’s ups and downs – and yell “plot twist!” as you take challenges in your stride. Your attitude is usually your most memorable feature, so whilst attitude may seem a little thing, it makes a big difference!

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