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To ‘decide’ on something is to arrive at a conclusion after consideration – to choose one option, perhaps out of many that you have been pondering; one root of the word means to cut or kill off!  And that can be a daunting thing when it comes to our business decisions: once we decide – we’re committed!

Of course, it’s not just in business – pretty much whatever we do in life, we have choices. Sometimes we may choose not to do something, but that is still a decision. We are faced with hundreds of decisions every day! Some may be as trivial as to whether we order a latte or a flat white, or take the dog for a walk before or after lunch.

But what about a decision to sell your company, or to acquire a competitor? These things matter on many levels – both financially and emotionally, for example – along with how the outcome will affect colleagues, friends and, of course, our families. These are big decisions that impact way beyond the office or the working day.

We business owners have had to put up with a lot over the past 12 months or so and, even if we can see a glimmer of light at the end of the Covid tunnel, there is still a great deal of uncertainty ahead. It is still up to each one of us to decide how we exit the tunnel, and where we go from there.

Here at Castle Corporate Finance we more than merely understand. We empathise! Remember we are business owners too and are experiencing the same trials and tribulations as you. We know that many business owners are facing some big decisions right now.

C. Northcote Parkinson, British author, historian, and formulator of the satirical dictum known as “Parkinson’s Law” had this philosophical thought on the matter: “The man who is denied the opportunity of taking decisions of importance begins to regard as important the decisions he is allowed to take”.

So – what will YOU do?  What does your future look like?  Have you decided yet?  Is the decision truly important enough to warrant the time and energy you are about invest in it? 

Whether you are clear about your next steps or unsure as to what your future may hold, as a starting point, you might want to consider three simple questions via the link below. The answers you give may provide clues as to your preferences. It may not be entirely scientific – but human decisions rarely are. For now, it’s a start.

Whatever the outcome of those three questions, you have Castle in your corner. We never make the decisions for you, but we will inform and support your choices with our usual experience, professionalism – and that human touch.

If you are wrestling with your own decisions right now, you can at least decide to talk to us.  Now THAT sounds like a good decision already!

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18th February 2021

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