The perfect fit

Piecing together the mind of an owner manager

Let’s get up to speed with your leadership style

It takes many different personalities to run a successful business. That is why in part two of our Perfect Fit series, we’re giving you the opportunity to reveal your leadership style through a high level understanding of your personality type. What will it reveal about you and the way you work; and possibly as importantly, which personalities might you need around you to help drive business success and growth? 

The benefits of understanding your leadership style

There are no right or wrong answers – each person has their own approach and strengths that they can play to. The fact is that by understanding your own strengths (and weaknesses), and those of your team around you, you can look to improve business success. To find out your dominant leadership style, take a look at the simple exercise below – it only takes two minutes, and we have a feeling the results will have a positive impact on you and your team.

Get started

You may have seen part one of our Perfect Fit campaign where we asked a few questions about your attitude towards your business in today’s climate to determine your next steps. No problem if you didn’t, you can still complete the survey here, or you can go straight to part 2 and identify your ‘directing’ style.

Below you will see four coloured cards with a range of words on each. Simply organise these into order of preference – the first being the coloured card that describes you most accurately – then second, third and fourth. Hit submit and we will reveal your directing style, with a summary of how you can use this to most effect for you, your business, and your colleagues. 

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    • R
    • G
    • Y
  • Almost there....

    Please fill out the form below to submit your selection. Once submitted you will receive an email with a video from our guest Behavioural Psychologist, Andy Edwards. He will describe your personality type based on your selection. You will also receive a written report of your leadership personality type to share with your wider management team.
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