Marsden Weighing Machines

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Castle is delighted to have been involved in the negotiation of terms for the MBO of Marsden Group Holdings Limited, backed by Alcuin Capital.

Although the exiting shareholders of Marsden were advised by RSM, Castle were introduced early on by EMW Law to specifically advise the incumbent management team on the terms being offered by Alcuin and the commerciality of that deal in respect of the team.

Victoria Ansell, director of Castle, commented: “It is so important that the views of management are not overlooked when negotiating terms with a financial buyer.  Such terms will, quite frankly, have a far greater impact on the team going forward, than they will on the sellers. RSM and EMW were engaged by the sellers and recognised the need for the management team to have independent advice. Castle were pleased to step in, providing impartial and commercial advice, helping assess the implications of the terms offered by the funding partner they were taking on, with the management’s interest front and foremost”.

Richard Black, CEO of Marsden, added: “Castle’s advice was invaluable – they recognised that I, on behalf of the management team, needed a different perspective from the other shareholders who were selling out completely. They were commercial throughout, asking the right questions and fighting our corner, but never with a view to obstructing the transaction. I was very grateful to them for their input.”

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