Raising funds, whether from a bank, private equity house or through other, more specialist routes, can be an excellent way to leverage your business and to exploit opportunities for longer-term gain.

It can also be a useful tool for unlocking a shareholder exit, improving the quality of your existing funders, or enabling a management buy out.

As an award-winning and independent corporate finance advisory firm, we at Castle have been helping businesses raise funds for many years (through many economic situations) and have established long-lasting relationships with a range of financiers from private equity firms, to asset based lenders, to the major UK banks.

Whatever your rationale behind raising capital, we will impartially assess your requirements, help you to set your strategic goals, source a range of alternative funders and assist you with choosing the option that will bring maximum benefit to your business.

Ultimately, we believe it’s our role to help you to realise your vision.

Explore the graphic below to learn more about a typical fund raising process.

Funding Your Business - Castle Corporate Finance

Review of funding requirements.

We will invest time discussing your business and your rationale for fund raising and really getting to grips with your strategic goals and vision. In addition, we will work with you to develop an action plan that will set us all on the right track.

Funding Your Business - Castle Corporate Finance

Advise on funding plan and forecasts.

We know that any reasonable funder will want to see a written plan that covers the key aspects of the business, an outline of future plans and your funding requirements. We can advise you on how to prepare such a plan and how best to present it to funders.

Funding Your Business - Castle Corporate Finance

Approach potential funders.

Pitch time. Our collective goal is to help funders fully understand and be comfortable with your business and its future requirements. We will take the stand with you as we present to funders and, together, guide them through the proposition. The goal at the end of this stage is to elicit outline terms for your funding proposal.

Funding Your Business - Castle Corporate Finance

Negotiate and finalise heads of terms.

By discussing the pros and cons of each offer with you, we will whittle our way down to a short list. It’s important to bear in mind that those on the short list may not be the cheapest, but may be the right ones to meet your needs. We will help you select the preferred funder from the list and ensure the key terms and conditions proposed are encapsulated in the process documentation that will follow.

Funding Your Business - Castle Corporate Finance

Project manage due diligence.

Depending on the level of funding and its source, the due diligence phase may be just a couple of weeks, or it might stretch to a few months. You will need to be prepared for any event. We will be there throughout to guide and advise you and to project manage all parties towards a completion.

Funding Your Business - Castle Corporate Finance

Final negotiations and completion.

There is always plenty of paperwork to be reviewed at this point and you will need the skilled eyes of Castle and your chosen legal advisers to take you through the documentation as, once it’s signed, it’s signed!

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