The perfect fit

Piecing together the mind of an owner manager

No one understands your business like you do.

However, sometimes it is important to get a fresh perspective when it comes to your next steps, and particularly when going through major decision-making processes.

In our new series ‘The Perfect Fit’ we seek to piece together the mind of owner managers and delve deeper into what makes them tick. In these turbulent times, how are we feeling and what are our next steps? Do we:

1. Divest & Rest

2. Quest & Invest

3. Test & Digest

To get a different perspective on what these might mean to you we have designed a simple survey, founded on behavioural science and psychology.  Time is valuable we know, so we have limited the survey to three straightforward yes/no questions.  We’ve joined forces with a behavioural psychologist – the renowned and published @Andyedwards – who, based on your responses, will give you a brief interpretation of your current mood – which we hope you will find insightful. 

Thank you for your input. We look forward to sharing our wider findings with you. Please be assured that any published conclusions will be anonymous