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Castle Corporate Finance - Buying a business

Whether a first-time buyer/investor, or a seasoned buy-and-build professional, finding the right business to buy is exciting, and time consuming.  We know how to find, value, structure, and negotiate the right acquisition for you and your business.  Since we act almost exclusively for owner managers, we can make approaches that are fair, tactful, and personable – laying the foundation stones for a productive future relationship between you and the business you acquire.

Review the strategy.

We will first focus on the rationale behind the acquisition, playing devil’s advocate with you to ensure all of the key aspects are fully explored. We will also help you to plan for your post-acquisition future. We heed Benjamin Franklin here: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Research the market.

If you already have a target in mind, our research experts will uncover everything we can about the organisation. We will then interpret the data and discuss our findings with you. Does this particular transaction still support your vision? If not, we can identify other, better matches.

Approach the target.

First impressions matter when it comes to buying a business. An ill-thought-out initial approach to a target can close down an opportunity before it has even begun. At Castle we have many years of experience in dealing with entrepreneurs, family businesses and retiring shareholders. Rest assured, our approach is tailored, professional and friendly and has seen us through many successful advances.

Negotiate the deal.

As our clients will attest, we take total responsibility to drive the deal from the first “hello” through to completion. Our expertise in both buying and selling businesses means we understand the positions on both sides and consequently are better able to negotiate a deal that is fair for all parties.

Manage the process and people.

The more complex the deal, the more people involved. We will manage it all: leading through the critical due diligence phase while also dealing with any and all commercial issues as they arise. Minutiae can reign supreme at this stage, so a keen focus on what really matters is paramount. We will help keep you on track and conscious of the key points.

Final negotiations and completion.

All of the key due diligence findings must be incorporated into the final legal contract. We will make sure that happens, negotiate final pricing, mediate between the vendor and the purchaser and ensure your funders are brought along the journey at the same speed. Congratulatory handshakes at completion signify a successful deal to the satisfaction of all parties.

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