It takes one
to know one.

Castle Corporate Finance - It takes one to know one

The Castle team is made up of an eclectic mix of talented individuals looking to work with exciting clients on interesting assignments, providing excellent service, and having some fun along the way.

We thrive on providing our clients with the best experience, and are proud that we are not “suits” from the City seeking financial rewards above all else.  Our different backgrounds and skillsets combine in a completely unique way to give our clients maximum support and maximum insight. That is the Castle Experience.

What we value the most.


We apply empathy and psychology to the uncompromising world of corporate Finance. We build long-standing relationships with our clients based on trust and respect. We speak to you in plain English and will be frank and direct if needed to help you achieve your goals.


We always look wider than the deal in front of us to assess the potential of the whole situation. We are assured enough in our relationships to suggest other ideas and solutions, and we strive to develop a mix of opportunities, to the mutual benefit of all. 


The person who welcomes you on day one will be celebrating with you at the end of the process, and we go out of our way to ensure you feel comfortable and assured at every stage.



Our team of experts and proven track record set us apart from our competitors. We hold ourselves to a high professional standard and are relentless in our pursuit of the best outcomes for our clients.



We are the experts in owner managers and what makes them tick. This insight combined with our pure focus on corporate Finance achieves results. We don’t pretend to be something we are not.

Hard work brings its rewards.

While undoubtedly fun, attending award ceremonies is a rare luxury in the fast paced world of corporate Finance. That said, we are an ambitious and driven bunch and do take the opportunity to celebrate the successful deals we deliver for our clients (and with our clients) when we get the chance. Take a closer look at some of the recent awards won by our team. 

Castle Corporate Finance - We know pride and joy when we see it.

  • ACQ5 2019 UK Corporate Finance Adviser of the Year: Stuart Stepney, Castle Corporate Finance
    ACQ Global Awards 2019

    UK Corporate Finance Adviser of the Year:
    Stuart Stepney, Castle Corporate Finance

  • ACQ5 Global Awards 2019 UK Owner Managed Business Advisory of the Year: Castle Corporate Finance
    ACQ Global Awards 2019

    UK Owner Managed Business Advisory of the Year:
    Castle Corporate Finance

Our Window on the World.

We have developed a unique network of international corporate finance firms in 23 countries – not through a bought-in affiliation, but through personal relationships and a mutual interest in getting deals done.  We regularly leverage this global network for the benefit of our clients, whether to source the right funding partners, or access potential purchasers that may not normally arise if relying on desktop research alone. 

Castle Corporate Finance - Our window on the world.

Putting you in the picture.

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What is NOT a qualifying trade?
A company can be assumed to undertake a qualifying trade, unless it is involved in a non-qualifying trade. Examples of non-qualifying trades are:
  • dealing in land, shares or financial instruments;
  • providing finance or insurance;
  • leasing or receiving royalties or licence fees;
  • legal or accountancy services;
  • certain property-based trades such as property development, farming, market gardening, hotel management and operating or managing nursing homes or residential care homes;
  • the generation or export of electricity or the generation of heat or any other form of energy; producing gas or fuel.
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