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If you observe all the rules of life you’ll overlook most of its opportunities.” Anonymous

At your school’s ‘careers fair’ did you tell your headteacher that you wanted to be ‘an entrepreneur’? Did you explain that you wanted to run your own business and be a leader of a commercial entity?

Few of us did… In fact, many of us were probably told the type of job we should apply for!  But sooner or later, you found yourself running a business, and business owners like us march to a different beat.  We plough our own furrow, create our own direction, and make up our own rules.

Indeed, is it not the rule-benders and pushers-of-boundaries who are responsible for innovation, creativity, and progress?  We think so… and yet we know it is not always easy.  If you think about it, every person who has a unique idea starts off being in a minority of one!

You may have had doubters:  “It’ll never work!”,  “I give it six months!”,  “Get a proper job like everyone else!”

And yet we design, develop, make, serve, persuade, lead, manage, and invest time and money to create and grow our own businesses. If it weren’t for your input, things would undoubtedly be different – and surely not as good – but you were prepared to make a decision, take a risk and stand your ground when others might have folded; you learned (and keep learning) from your mistakes; you step up and take responsibility for the results – both good and not so good.

You may sometimes feel as if you’re making it up as you go along – but that’s the point: you are one of those people who invents the rules rather than follows them.

We at Castle salute you. We are playing our own game too and know exactly what it is like to run a business. Every day, we are privileged to speak with business owners like you and are not fazed by different ways of doing things – that is what makes life exciting. Whether you seek to INVEST more time and money, DIVEST your interest and consider alternatives, or you are simply on a QUEST to find out which way to go – talk to us, let us know – we may both learn something new.

You might start by answering just three questions to receive a report and video created specifically for people who play by their own rules – click on the button below.

But it’s entirely up to you…  Your business is your life.  Your life, your rules.

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